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  • Design Icon #3: String shelf by Nils Strinning


    Wow, this week has flown by, don’t you think?! Today for the section Design Icon I share with you Strinning’s shelf system. String shelves are successfu for over sixty years with their blend of modularity, simplicity and lightness aesthetics, enhanced by today’s fresh colors. String Furniture is a Swedish company icon of Scandinavian design, specializing […]

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  • 3D-printed micro home in Amsterdam by DUS Architects


    Dutch studio DUS Architects has 3D printed an eight-square-metre cabin and accompanying bathtub in Amsterdam, and is now inviting guests to stay overnight. Would you consider staying there? Dutch DUS Architects embarked on an ambitious 3-years plan to create an entirely 3d-printed Canal House along the Buiksloter canal in the northern part of Amsterdam. The public “Research by […]