Wednesday inspiration #2: nordic home office


It’s time for inspiration about home office… I needed my self some ideas to set up my desk so I thought of sharing with you the result of my research 😀

All of you who work from home or spend a lot of time at their desk know how important a pleasant and productive working space is. And it also should be pretty well styled, right?  It was a real challenge but we somehow managed to set it up in only one week!  Today, I want to show you a round up of the best pictures I found on Instagram and also give you some tips on how to create a pretty yet productive working space atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and can work well. What does your working space look like? Do you work from home? Maybe you spend several hours each week bringing work back home from the office?

If that is indeed the case, then having a dedicated home office surely helps in making the whole experience a lot less straining and far more efficient. A smart home office seamlessly combines efficiency with aesthetics and ensures that your productivity does not take a hit just because you are at home. And few styles come close to the simplicity, efficiency and understated elegance of Scandinavian design, making it a perfect choice for the trendy, modern home office.

1. Choose a color scheme

When it comes to  interior, I love when everything matches. For me, it has to be harmonious, bright not too colorful or wild. I prefer choose a white/mute base and then add a pop of color, with a poster or with some stationery organizer. Or maybe with a bold chair, like in the picture below.




2. Enough space

In order to work long and productive at a desk, it definitely has to offer enough space. I’m a real post-it, to-do lists and notebook freak, which means, I need enough space to spread it all over the desk when I’m working on something. Therefore, I’ll probably need a simple desk with size of 120cm x 76cm, to have enough space for creative working but still have room for decoration eheheh.





3. Nice atmosphere

Some people prefer a very clean workspace, which is as empty as possible. I also like my desk minimalistic and tidy, but an empty working space would be impossible for me. Personally, I absolutely need a nice atmosphere around me in order to work productive and creative. That’s why I love some of this home office with a few simple decorative elements, that look pretty without being distracting or cluttered. And how about you?




4. Plants & Flowers

If there is one thing, that you will always find on my desk, beside my laptop, it’s green friends 🙂 They make me happy whenever I look at them and I enjoy having them around me.



5. Natural light

Placing your desk next to a window doesn’t only look pretty and friendly, it also improves your productivity and creativity. A dark working space can be very depressing and is also very exhausting for your eyes.




Happy Wednesday!


Photos via Instagram and Pinterest

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